Single microwave photon detection

When hit by one MW photon of frequency close to ωp, the trapped electron’s cyclotron oscillator increases its energy in one quantum. This fundamental process can be measured accurately, thus the trapped electrons are efficient transducers of microwave quantum radiation. In this project, funded by an EPSRC Quantum Technology fellowship we will build a practical single microwave photon detector, where trapped electrons will be the sensors of the microwave fields [More…]

Mass spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry is an analytical technique vastly used in chemistry, biotechnology, food and safety monitoring, pharmaceutics, genomics, proteomics, and many others. Its academic and economic importance in the UK is thoroughly documented by the British Mass Spectrometry Society ( The global market amounts to £ 2.5 billion per year. Small mass spectrometers are available, however all in the low range of mass resolution ∆m/m∈10-3-10-4. The mass resolution of the Geonium Chip is given by the cyclotron resonance ∆ωpp, which we aim at 10-7 or above, thus orders of magnitude better than other small mass spectrometers [More…]


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